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Best Monitors for Your Home Office

By Kelly Cho|September 22,2021

The pandemic forced us to stay where we are, and also work from where we are for everyone’s safety. Today, well over a year later, we still find ourselves working from home and working longer hours. In fact, a survey found that 55% employees were expected to work outside their work hours when at home. If you’re staring at your screen for more time, getting the best monitor for your home office setup is no longer optional.
You’ll want a monitor (or monitors) that not only allows you to work without compromising your productivity but also helps minimize strain on your eyes. Look for features that make your life easier and eliminate clutter in your workspace.

MSI Summit MS321UP 32” 4K Business and Productivity Monitor

If you’re on the lookout for a professional-grade 4K monitor for your home office, your search ends with the Summit MS321UP! Not only does it come loaded with features and offer the display specifications you’ll need to get work done right from your home, but it also looks drop-dead stunning on any desk.

MSI Summit MS321UP 4K Business and Productivity Monitor

An expansive 32-inch 4K (3840×2160) IPS panel gives you the space you need to juggle multiple applications with ease. What’s more, it comes factory-calibrated for professional, color-sensitive work with a DCI-P3 coverage of 95% and a Delta-E of <= 2! Professionals can also enjoy a better multi-tasking experience with MSI’s Productivity Intelligence (P.I.) application. From a picture-in-picture setup to arranging multiple windows side-by-side precisely the way you want them, you can get work done, your way.
Have you ever turned your monitor on in a dark-ish room and been instantly blinded into oblivion? Well, the MSI Summit MS321UP prevents this with Smart Brightness. It can sense ambient lighting and automatically adjust on-screen brightness to maximize viewing comfort.

Anti-Flicker and Low-Blue-Light

The MS321UP comes equipped with a convenient side memory card reader that will allow you to transfer files to and fro so much faster. Since we’re all staring at our monitors for such long hours, you really can’t downplay viewing comfort anymore. Both Anti-Flicker and Low-Blue-Light technologies in this monitor contribute to minimizing strain on your eyes during those tedious work sessions.
The monitor also boasts an Active Noise Cancellation Mic for those work calls and shuts out any ambient noise from your home.

built-in KVM switch

A built-in KVM switch is one of the best way to reduce clutter on your desk, especially if you use multiple devices that might need a monitor. For example, you can connect your laptop or any other device to the monitor and control it using the keyboard and mouse on your desk! It eliminates the need for a separate set of peripherals to switch between your work and home devices.

MSI Modern MD241 and MD271 Series Business Monitors

Business users who love a clean, simple look will love the Modern series of monitors from MSI. They scream simplicity with a minimalist design that encourages focus towards the content on your screen. No distractions.

MSI Modern MD241 and MD271 Series Business Monitors

For many, the best monitor for working from home is one that can adjust to their liking. Unfortunately, adjustment capabilities translate into the monitor dictating how your work setup will look and feel. That’s unacceptable.
Both the Modern MD241 and MD271 series of monitors offer 4-way adjustable stands that allow you to set your workspace up precisely the way you want it. Adjust its height, pivot, tilt, and swivel it to your heart’s content. Of course, they’re also VESA-compatible and will slot right into any existing professional stands you already have installed.

4-way adjustable stands

Spending long hours in front of your screen shouldn’t come at the cost of your eyes. These monitors boast TÜV-certified eye-care technology to maximize viewing comfort. While MSI’s Anti-Flicker Technology reduces eye strain and dry eyes by providing a stable display output, the Less Blue Light mode filters out uncomfortable blue light to make longer work sessions much easier on your eyes.
You’ll also find built-in speakers on these monitors for those wanting to avoid the clutter of placing two speakers (and their accompanying wiring) on their desk.
You can enjoy the use of multiple inputs with an option to connect via HDMI, DisplayPort, and even USB-Type C! The direct Type-C input eliminates the need for a dock when connecting your laptop to your monitor. Plug right in, and you’re ready to go.

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